The Finest Construction at an Affordable Price

  • Plug and Play
    WattZilla®s are easy to use. Simply plug the industry standard J1772 coupler (or J3068 coupler for 3-phase) into your electric vehicle and charging begins!
  • Lower Cost
    Some manufacturers charge over $5,000 for a 30-amp charger that can charge a single EV. WattZilla® costs much less and can simultaneously charge 1-4 EVs at 80 AMPS. Several of our models are certified by Energy Star.
  • Elegant Design
    Made in the USA and designed for years of trouble-free use in the most rugged environments.
  • The Finest Materials, Inside and Out
    All our circuit boards are gold plated for corrosion resistance and our internal wiring is military grade silver plated copper with Teflon insulation –  the gold standard. We use nothing but 316 stainless steel to construct our enclosures.
  • Smaller Footprint
    The WattZilla® Duo, for example, takes up less than 12 by 12 inches of wall space and is smaller than most single chargers in the industry.
  • Charging Indicators
    Color LCDs indicate the charging duration and the total number of amps being delivered to each electric vehicle.
  • Fastest Charging Times
    'Zillas are Level 2 EVSEs that allow simultaneous and independent charging of 1, 2 or 4 electric vehicles at the maximum allowed amperage rate (80 amps or 63AMPs per phase for 3-phase units), giving you the fastest charging time available in today’s market!
  • All Weather Use
    Designed for indoor or outdoor use, WattZilla®’s water-tight enclosure is designed for tough, all-weather environments and can withstand sun, rain, snow and ice. (The housing features Type 4X rating for electrical enclosures.) Sealed with a silicone rubber gasket, WattZilla®’s enclosure is, waterproof, vapor-proof and even bulletproof.