Credit Card Integration

We have partnered with Nayax – a leading global provider of EMV certified cashless payment solutions – to create an optional, integrated credit card payment system for the WattZilla® UNO, DUO and QuadZilla.

Supplied by the customer and installed by a factory-authorized independent service center, the card reader will accept traditional credit cards, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and other popular cashless solutions ensuring customers a convenient, seamless experience.

Integration with WattZilla® is simple:

  • Set up your account with Nayax. Let them know which WattZilla® product you are purchasing.
  • Order your WattZilla® charger, choose the "Integration of customer supplied credit card reader" option during checkout.
  • We coordinate with Nayax to receive all the necessary hardware for your system.
  • The factory-authorized independent service center integrates the customer supplied Nayax payment hardware with a UL-listed power supply, brackets and software into our durable, weather proof 4X stainless steel enclosure.
  • The product is delivered with integrated card reader(s) to you – ready for installation and accepting payments.
  • Note: The credit card reader has not yet been evaluated by UL.

To learn more about our Credit Card Integration option, call 857-389-9893 or e-mail (include your name and contact phone number) to tech@WattZilla.com.