Mounting Options

Wall Mounting (Interior or Exterior)

WattZilla® DUO, UNO and Wall Wattz are designed to function flawlessly outside and provide year round service. The WattZilla® Wall Mounted configuration allows placement on any interior or exterior wall.

Add the WattZilla® cable management system option for easy and safe coupler storage when not in use.

Made of finely machined materials, the WattZilla® Wall Mounted configuration works perfectly in exterior and interior applications. The mounting bracket is designed with modern construction standards in mind and comes pre-drilled with holes 16 inches on-center.

Requirements: Minimum 2x6 wall stud to fasten wall bracket to wall, power delivery from your fuse box. View installation instructions.

Pole Mounting (Exterior)

The WattZilla® Pole Mounting Kit allows placement anywhere on your property.

When used with the specially designed WattZilla® cable management system, the pole mounted option is a complete EV charging solution for any exterior application.

Made of finely machined, rust resistant 316 stainless steel and powder-coated (or optional polished stainless) steel tubing, the WattZilla® Pole Mounting Kit is built to last in all weather conditions.

Requirements: 12 inch hole for cement to secure bolts for pole mount and properly insulated and grounded buried power delivery from your fuse box. View installation instructions.

If you would like to speak to a WattZilla® representative who can answer questions regarding installation or customization of your WattZilla® Pole Mounting kit, contact We'll return your message promptly.