WaltZilla Pre-Install Kit

HOME DEVELOPERS: Add value to your properties with an elegant solution for electric vehicle charging.

Electric vehicles are increasingly common place, but retro-fitting a battery charger can be a challege. We've talked to many contractors and homeowners who had wished they had to foresight to have made their garage "electric-vehicle ready" at the time of construction rather than having to call back the electrician, tear down drywall and make the necessary upgrades to charge their vehicles. Especially as mid-size and larger vehicles are becoming available, this need will surely increase.

To address this, WattZilla® has developed a low-cost solution that allows contractors to get the jump on this trend: The WaltZilla pre-install kit.

This kit supplies the foundation for the later addition of the WaltZilla in-the-wall charger without the expense of purchasing a full unit at the time of construction.

Built to fit securely into 16 inch on-center 2x4 or 2x6 wall construction, the WaltZilla Pre-Install Kit can easily be installed with wires run to it before the drywall goes up. The enclosure is designed to sit flush with standard 3/8 inch drywall.

A supplied covering for the enclosure provides simple instructions for the homeowner. When they are ready to purchase the functioning components, we can ship to them directly, and any licensed electrician can complete the job. The mirror-finished steel covering secures to the enclosure with 10 screws. No cutting drywall. No tape. No patching.

The completed WaltZilla unit has an industry standard J1772 coupler with the ability to provide a full 80 AMPS of charging power, superior to any other charger on the market throughout the United States and Canada.

This is a high-end, value-added accessory that compliments any beautiful new home.

If you would like to speak to a WattZilla® representative who can answer questions regarding purchasing of the WaltZilla Pre-Install Kit, email info@WattZilla.com or call us at 857-389-9893. We look forward to assisting you.