Bulletproof? Yes.

We created the WattZilla® family to be the first, last and only EVSE you ever need to buy.

We accomplished this by using "best of the best" proven components, and more created exclusively for WattZilla®. For example, all our circuit boards are gold plated for corrosion resistance and our internal wiring is military grade silver plated copper with Teflon insulation –  the gold standard. We use nothing but 316 stainless steel to construct our enclosures. It makes an extremely strong enclosure.

How strong? Our enclosures are designed (but not warrantied!) to be "bulletproof". Our WattZilla®'s DUO, UNO and Quadzilla were also designed to keep running in case of an EM pulse from a nuclear detonation! (We definitely do NOT advise you to test this capability, nor do we warranty this capability.)

And just so you don't think that crazy marketing people are running the asylum... watch this!

For more information about WattZilla® EVSEs, call us at 857-389-9893 or email to info@WattZilla.com.