Current Share

Use a single circuit breaker with WattZilla® DUO to charge two vehicles.

WattZilla® DUO can be ordered with our "Current Sharing" feature. This allows a single circuit breaker from the main electrical panel to feed the DUO thru a sub panel.

When Current sharing is turned on, here's what happens:

  1. When the first vehicle is connected, WattZilla® offers it 80 amps of current. The first vehicle can draw up to 80 amps all by itself.
  2. When the second vehicle is plugged in, WattZilla® dynamically reallocates current so that each vehicle is allowed to draw up to 40 amps each.
  3. WattZilla® then actively monitors the current draw of both vehicles. If one side starts to draw less, the excess is the offered to the other vehicle.

For example, if WattZilla® detects that one vehicle is only drawing 30 amps, it would make 50 amps available to the other vehicle, allowing it to charge faster.

With this feature activated (by request at the factory), a single 100 to 200 amp circuit breaker can be used to charge 2 cars at once. The size of the circuit breaker in the main electrical panel determines how much power each side can get. Either side is capable of providing 80 amps of power. The total amount of combined power available to the EV's is 80% of the circuit breaker size in the main electrical panel.

WattZilla® can provide a parts-list to set-up the subpanel (required for this option), which can be purchased locally for about $100 dollars.

The subpanel may also act as the disconnect if required locally. Speak to your electrical inspector for local rules.

To choose the Auto-Power Share Feature for the WattZilla® DUO, call 857-389-9893, e-mail (include your name and contact phone number) to tech@WattZilla.com, or add a comment when ordering. A WattZilla® technician will call you to answer questions about your installation requirements.