WattZilla's Peace of Mind Guarantee

Buy one of our units and if you find a better overall value EVSE charger anywhere, WE'LL BUY IT FOR YOU!

We know there are a lot of electric vehicle chargers available, and it can difficult to be sure you chose the right one. We at WattZilla are so certain you'll be thrilled with our UNO, DUO, QuadZilla or WaltZilla chargers, we would like to help alleviate any "choice anxiety" by making this absolutely unheard of offer:

The Peace of Mind Guarantee

If you buy any of our 80-AMP chargers and later find another product that beats our high quality standards in the year following your purchase, we'll BUY IT FOR YOU. Period.

That's how confident we are in our product's level of quality, performance and value. For example, just compare a few examples to see how the choice is clear:

  WattZilla 80-AMP Chargers Everybody
Type 4X Stainless steel construction YES Doubtful.
Usually plastic.
Enclosure so tough it can stop a bullet? YES Plastic shatters along with your investment.
UL certification YES Who knows?
Already meets new 2019 safety requirements and more YES Do you want to take that chance?
Military grade, silver-plated copper wire with Teflon insulation YES Feeling lucky with cheap materials?
Performs under the harshest weather conditions, including desert sun and arctic snow and ice. YES Doubtful.
Performs in ocean-side and salty locations YES Good luck!
Water-proof YES Do you want to find out the hard way?
Vapor-proof YES Who knows?
Corrosion-proof Even if submerged in sea water. Yeah, right.
Lowest cost per pound* YES Who knows?
Future-proof (powerful enough to not only charge today's electric vehicles, but tomorrow's more powerful EVs) UP TO 80-AMPS! Great for those who like to buy a new charger every few years.

You can see why we are so sure this will be the first, last and only charger you will need to buy and provide you with many years of worry-proof use, but we encourage you to seek a better charger... we are betting you can't.

Find the WattZilla charger that works best for you, and eliminate buyer's remorse.

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*Flimsy is not in our vocabulary. We build them like bank vaults!