The Black Mamba

Lightweight EV Charging

The Black Mamba is our lightweight, UL Listed EV charging solution. A compact but ultra strong enclosure protects electronics while the 25 foot cable and 6 foot power cord can reach your charging port no matter which way you park. Available in both 40 AMP and 48 AMP models.

Just plug into a NEMA 14-50 (for 40 AMP) or 14-60 (for 48 AMP) wall outlet and start charging. An elegant LED ring at the top of the aircraft-grade aluminum enclosure lets you know when you are fully charged and ready to go.

Comes standard with a 'Quik Connect' wall bracket for easy mounting and an industry standard J1772 coupler**.

Download a Black Mamba brochure.

Black Mamba 40-AMP Charger: $1099
Black Mamba 48-AMP Charger: $1199

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** Some vehicles require special adapters. Consult your vehicle's user manual for more information. Tesla includes a J1772 adapter with every vehicle.