The most powerful, dependable and durable
charging stations for home or business.

The WattZilla® family of electric vehicle chargers are designed, engineered and built to be the only electric vehicle charger you'll ever need. WattZilla® can charge any electric vehicle sold in the US or Canada that use the industry standard couplers. Their ability to provide a full 80 AMPS of charging power (unlike most chargers sold today which only provide 30 AMPS or less) allows you to charge fast and fully.*

For industrial uses, we are proud to offer our 3-PHASE EVSEs that come with J3068 (Mennekes) couplers.

Quadruple, Dual or Single 80 AMP charging with single or 3-phase power.

QuadZilla is the world’s first 4-VEHICLE 80 AMP electric vehicle charging station. WattZilla® DUO is the world’s first DUAL 80 AMP electric vehicle charging station. WattZilla® UNO and WaltZilla are single charging stations capable of providing 80 AMPS of power. We now also offer the QuadZilla, DUO and UNO with 3-Phase power.

Simple to use. Built to last.

‘Zillas are housed in a beautifully designed enclosures and are either wall or pole mounted. Multi color LCD displays independently monitor each vehicles' charging session. The display provides real-time information such as the amps delivered, charging time, and messages. Our optional, specially designed cable managment system safely secures couplers when not in use.

Our single-phase charging stations are ideal for high-end homes, hotels, theaters, car washes, offices, shopping malls and entertainment venues. Our 3-phase stations are ideal for medium duty trucks, school buses, mining equipment, tractor trailers and other industrial vehicles.

Let's Talk.

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* Charge time dependent on your vehicle's ability to accept higher power charge rates.